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 Our Needs

As far as our most pressing needs right now. We have been schooling the children out of the compound in private schools. As you may already know Haiti doesn't have many public schools. But it costs so much, and the transportation, and so on, all add up to so much money, which we don't have enough of, even too feed and cloth our 37 orphans. I therefore have been trying to build a Christian school in the compound where our children will be able to go to school, which will cost us less yearly. 


And as the orphanage is in a very poor neighborhood founded after the earthquake of January 12, 2010, that was built for the earthquake victims. Now, even 9 years later, most kids still can't go to school as their parents are unable to pay for school. About 1,500 children in the neighborhood can't attend school. We figure with the Christian school build we will also get to school most of those children.


We need 12 class rooms to start up school, and 16 to complete the school. We're stuck with that construction cost. Each classroom will cost $6,500 USD, size of class room 4.5 meters wide by 7 meters long with a 2 by 4.5 meters front porch. With concrete roof. And we need 12 of them to begin with. All we have right now is the foundations.


And I do have two college ready children, but can't afford sending them. I'm hoping I can find some support on that as well. Rather I get help sending them to college down here, or find a scholarship for them in the United States. Either way will be fine. And yes they do speak English, not perfect, but they can go right to school in the United States if a scholarship was available. And yes, all the children do speak English at a certain levels, some more then others.


We have a serious electricity problem we only have power for a couple hours a day, sometimes we'll go days even weeks without any power at all I have been praying on a solar system, but its very expensive in Haiti to get one of those install. But that is the only solution of our electricity problem because Haiti have a lots of son. It's sunny pretty much everyday.


We have to buy books for them every year because normally they will reap by the time the school year is out. We never have enough books to save for next year. And don't have any computers at all even as I'm writing you I'm on a $40 cell phone. Things have been very difficult for us here at the Promise Land, and almost every week requests to take new orphans are coming in, and we can't really do much for them.


Often I have to buy food with my credit card to feed them when help doesn't come. As we speak I have a $5,000 USD Debt on my credit card. The clothes are running out and reaping way faster we can buy them. We are in very bad shape.

Below are our immediate needs. Please email me (pastorjean@promiselandchildren.com) if you can supply any of these items. I will give you details you may need. God bless you.

Non-perishable Food        Clothes (5-17 year olds)
Water Pump

Mini bus or school bus

6 bunk beds       
School supplies
(pens, pencils, notebooks)

Tile for girls dorm

8 dressers       
Long Table's           
One TV                 



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