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Your financial support is desperately needed. All it takes is the push of the button above,
and you can help feed, clothe, and provide a home for 37 Haitian orphans.
Leave your name and address if you wish so we can thank you. God bless you.

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Donors and Supporters of Promise Land Children Orphanage,
Port au Prince, Haiti:

Christian Mission Fellowship

Joseph Iozzi II
Florida, USA

Christine Iozzi
Florida USA

Mike, Cindy & Rachael A.
Equninunk, PA

Russell & Lynn B.
French Woods, NY

Tom & Joanne
Hawley, PA

Bill G.
Cadosia, NY

White Fields Overseas Evangelism
PO Box 1089
Joplin, MO 64802

Perfectly Priced Shop
Hancock, NY

Michelle F.
Fishs Eddy, NY

Rosie M.
Hancock, NY

John R.
Caldwell, NJ

Becky S.
Cadosia, NY

Joseph Iozzi Inc.
Hancock, NY www.josephiozzi.com

Edwine Oghayore
Staten Island, NY

Phyllis & Demi
Hancock, NY

Ann G.
Hancock, NY

RoseAnn S.
Binghamton, NY

Kim S.
Hancock, NY

Jill G.
Lakewood, PA

"Promise Land Christian Church", and its' ancillary organization, "Promise Land Children Orphanage", is not required to apply for 501(c)3 status under U.S. IRS rules. Please consult your accountant, or attorney regarding contributions.