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In his own words, from Pastor Jean Rodriguez Saint Juste.

Promise Land orphanage was founded back in 1994 by my late father Jean Joseph Saint Juste, with only 5 orphans at the time. As my father was a pastor and a doctor he was able to provide for them with his own money. The orphanage remained with a low number of children for yeas until the earthquake of 2010 that destroy over 300,000 lives in Haiti, creating hundreds of thousands orphans all around Haiti, but mostly in Port au Prince, Haiti, which is where the orphanage is at the present moment.


After the earthquake my father took a few more children at a time into his house and the number started growing from there. He past away in December 2014 at the age of 72 unexpectedly from Asthma attack. I then inherited 26 children who are now 37. My wife and I are now the present directors, and what was once our small house of 5 is now a house of 42, our 37 orphans, 3 biological children and my wife, Manuella and I. 


We managed to build a 4 bedroom house next to the one we already had, which had become much too small, with the help of our good Christian friends in the United States which have a Christian organization call CMF (Christian Mission Fellowship). The second house is now the girls dorm, and the one we already have is now the boys dorm, which my wife and I share with the boys.


We don't have many employees as we still can't afford them, we only have two lady even though we would need at list 7, but my wife and I play most of the part that needs to be played. My wife is the cooking lady, I'm the cleaning guy, she's their driver, I'm their teacher, and so on. God as given us the strength to make it work. We don't have many supporters, just two for the moment. 


You can adopt a child. If the adoption in internationally where you will live Haiti with the child to go to a other country with him or her, the new parents need to came to Haiti to fill out the paperwork at the social office bureau in Haiti. If the new parent, or parents do not wish to live in the country with the child, the process can be done online.

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